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High vacuum coating system for thin film deposition

Sputter Coater main rack with side rack

  • Stainless Steel box chamber size: 300mm, 400mm high
  • Front loading for easy access into the chamber
  • Resistive, electron-beam, DC and RF sputtering combination possible
  • Standard oil free Membrane and Turbo pump system
  • Extra free CF160 (8"OD) and CF35 (2.75"OD) ports built into the side wall
  • Full range of accessories for thermal resistance, electron beam and RF/DC sputtering
  • Optional substrate heating, rotation, cooling, RF biasing or glow discharge cleaning
  • Film thickness monitoring and/or process control

Tectra enlarges it’s successful range of small high vacuum coating systems by the ‚Sputter Coater‘. Besides the Mini Coater which is dedicated for thermal and e-beam evaporation the Sputter Coater serves the applications where also magnetron sputter deposition is also required. Because of it's modular design and very flexible configuration possibilities it's an ideal research and development tool with easy possibility to adapt the sytem to frequent changing of R&D subjects.

pdf version of data sheet (186kB)pdf version of Sputter Coater data sheet (125kB) 

The Sputter Coater allows the major vacuum thin film coating techniques:

This makes the Sputter Coater a very versatile system with utmost flexibility in deposition modes and for different sample sizes and shapes.

inside view of Sputter Coater with thermal evaporator, e-beam evaporator, and sputter magnetron

Sputter coater bottom plate showing sputter magnetron (top), mini e-beam evaporator (left) and thermal boat evaporator (bottom).

Due to it’s open design regarding the sample holder a wide variety of samples from several mm up to about 250mm can be coated. Sample holder for multiple samples can easily be considered. Further, a very big CF160 (8“OD) flange on the top position allows special sample holder systems with e.g. rotation, heating, cooling, biasing etc. even to be retrofitted by the customer.   

The Sputter Coater has a 300mm quick access door which opens the full inner diameter of the vacuum chamber. Besides easy and quick sample and target exchange there are no space limitations for all kind of additions and amendments according to changing research or deposition tasks.

On the circumference of the Sputter-Coater chamber there are as standard 5 CF40 (2.75“OD) flanges provided. Typical extensions are: quartz microbalance, leak valve for sputter gas, current/thermocouples etc.. Other flange configurations are possible  on special request.

The standard pumping system consists of a 260l/s turbo molecular pump with oil free membrane pump. Vacuum gauging is accomplished by a full range gauge. The entire Sputter Coater is mounted on a 19“ rack with roller casters. According to the deposition techniques mostly a side rack has to be considered.

The Sputter Coater is a modular system which can be tailored to customer’s application. Please contact us for further discussion.

Sputter Coater mit Sputter Magnetron      Magnetron

Sputter magnetron with Argon plasma

                    inner view with boat evaporator, e-beam evaporator, sputter magnetron, plasma cleaner and sample platform

                    Inner view showing sputter magnetron, mini e-beam evaporator, boat evaporator, plasma cleaner and sample holder platform.

Probenhalter mit motorisiertem Drehteller (Option)
Sputter Coater with built-in motorised sample rotation
and quartz microbalance

sample heater
Optional sample heater

sample heater at ca. 800C
sample heater at ca. 800C

sample heater at ca. 950C
sample heater at ca. 950C

Sputter Coater dimensions, main rack

Sputter Coater dimensions main rack


Chamber:300mm, ca. 400mm high
Pump:260l/s Turbo with Membrane Prepump
Gauging: compact full range
Evaporation:customer specified: thermal evaporation (boat evaporation or crucible), e-beam and/or sputter deposition (2”) 
Sample holder: optional: rotation, heating, cooling, biasing
Sample size up to 250mm or multiple small samples
Housing:19” rack on roller casters, optional side rack
Size:configuration dependant. Typical: 495mm wide, 555mm depth, 1.302mm high

In the interest of continuous development specification may change without prior notice.


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