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Mini-Coater - high vacuum coating system

for thin film deposition

Mini-Coater Versions

2 Evaporation Boat Version

New general purpose high-vacuum coating system.  Modular system to be configured according to vacuum coating application e.g. with thermal evaporation and electron beam evaporation. Extremely simple to use and with short cycle times (air-vacuum-air), this system is ideal for rapid vacuum prototyping and small scale thin film deposition; an indispensible tool for academic and industrial, research and teaching laboratories.

The bell-jar configuration is extremely versatile and lends itself easily to applications such as coating by evaporation (thermal and e-beam), magnetron sputtering and plasma decomposition (RF, microwave and DC).  Plasma options may also be used for etching and plasma study / demonstration. 


Standard System Spezification:
  • Corning Pyrex Bell Jar.
  • Feedthrough collar with four NW35CF (2.75"OD) ports.
  • Recipient size: diameter 300 mm, height 450 mm
  • Bell jar safety-guard
  • Bell jar base-plate
  • Internal frame for sample mounting etc.
  • Quartz microbalance (water cooled)
  • Boat evaporator (thermal evaporation) mounted on high current feedthrough
  • Evaporator power supply. 1.5kW (manual control)
  • User selectable transformer taps
  • 70l/s turbo pump with automatic venting valve
  • Membrane roughing pump
  • Balzers Compact full range pressure gauge and display
  • Automatic current shutoff to evaporators and filaments etc 
  • User definable pressure set-points
  • System fully contained in and on a 19” rack cabinet
  • Good working height - convenient bell jar access castors

  • Larger bell jar diameters and heights (other standard recipient sizes: 300 mm, H = 600 mm, 450 mm, H = 600, 450 mm, H = 900 mm)
  • Metal bell jars 
  • Shutters
  • Sputter sources
  • e-beam evaporators
  • Boat/flash evaporators- various shapes sizes and coatings
  • Microwave plasma
  • RF plasma - parallel plate reactor
  • Larger turbo pumps.  10-6 mbar in ca. 5mins with 250l/s turbo option
  • Cryo-traps
  • Cold fingers
  • Manual venting/gas introduction valves
  • Butterfly valves for high gas load applications
  • Plasma Cleaning (see below)

Mini-Coater Version with 1 evaporation boat for thermal evaporation
and 1 e-flux mini e-beam evaporation

Mini-Coater with 1 evaporation boat (under shutter) and 1 e-beam evaporator Mini-Coater with side rack                
view inside the vacuum chamber                          Mini-Coater with side rack for instrumentation controllers


Plasma Cleaning Option:
Plasma Reinigung der Kammer (optional)

Stainless Steel Bell Jar:

Mini-Coater with optional SST Bell Jar

Sample Heater option:

sample heater mount for face down evaporation

Sample heater at about 800C:

sample heater at ca. 800C

Sample heater at about 950C:

sample heater at ca. 950C

Mini-Coater Prinzipdarstellung

Mini-Coater Deposition system setup

        Mini-Coater Dimensions 

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